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After having a look at Koh Samet, Koh Tao, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, this time we will have a look at Koh Chang, which is the second large island in Thailand and is as beautiful as the other islands in the south. It is quite near Bangkok too.  So make Koh Chang the first choice for you next vacation.   

Koh Chang

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General Info on Koh Chang

Koh Chang is surrounded by Koh Khlum, Kohh Laoya, Koh Ngam, Koh Mai Si Yai, Koh Wai, Koh Kra, Koh Rung, Koh Mun Nok, Koh Mun Nai, Koh Kradat, Koh Mak, Koh Kham and more than 52 other large and small islands. 

Koh Chang covers lush forests, high hills, cliffs, waterfalls and sources of water. The island itself is surrounded by so many beautiful beaches and bays. Most resorts as well as lively beaches are on the west. There is also a national park on this island. 

Koh Chang

Journey to Koh Chang

First of all, please note that the Mu Koh Chang National Park is in Trat province, and there is another Koh Chang in Ranong province. So if you want to visit Mu Koh Chang National Park, you have to go to Trat, not Ranong.  

How to get to Trat 

  • Private car 

The fastest way to travel is to take Ban Bueng Motorway and drive toward Highway 344. Then, drive on until you get to Glang district and turn left into Highway 3 (Sukhumvit Rd.). Drive past Klung district and get on the bridge to cross Veru river.  The total distance is about 315 km. The journey should take 4-5 hours depending on how fast you drive.  

  • Minibus and Coach
    • Minibus : Traveling by minibus can be as fast as by private car. You can take a minibus at the Victory Monument near Rajavithi Hospital and the Century Department Store. The minivan will take you straight to the pier, which is quite convenient. The minivan leaves at 0600 hr. and arrives the pier at 2000 hr.  The fare is 300 baht. 
    • Coach : This way of journey is for those who prefer more space to stretch their legs. You can get a coach at Ekamai Terminal or Mo Chit Terminal. At Ekamai, Transport Company 99 and Chedchai Tour operate a coach service.  Chedchai Tour’s fare is just over 200 baht. 
  • Plane

The fastest way to travel is of course by plane.  Bangkok Airways operates direct flights to Kho Saming district, Trat province. 

Trat - Koh Chang

Boat from Trat to Koh Chang

  • Koh Chang Navel Battle Monument Ferry:  The ferry is quite classic; it is made of wood. It carries only passengers, not cars. It leaves every hour, from 0900 hr. to 1700 hr. The destination is Dan Kao pier. 
    • The journey takes an hour. 
    • The fare is 100 baht per person. 
  • Center Point pier:  This pier is one stop before Ao Thammachat pier. The ferry is quite large. It carries passengers as well as many tens of cars. Buffet is available on board. The ferry leaves every hour, from 06.00 hr. to 19.00 hr. The destination is Dan Kao pier. 
    • The journey takes 45 minutes. 
    • The fare is 120 baht 
    • 4-wheel cars are ferried for free.  Each 6-wheel car is ferried for 100 baht.  
  • Ao Thammachat pier:  Most travelers prefer this pier because it is the nearest one to Koh Chang, which means the journey takes the least time. Buffet is also served on the ferry. The ferry leaves every 45 minutes, from 06.30 hr. to 19.00 hr. The destination is Ao Supparot pier. 
    • The journey takes 20-30 minutes. 
    • The fare is 120 baht. 
    • Each 4-wheel car is ferried for 120 baht. 


Ao Thammachat Pier 
Ao Supparot Pier

Getting around  Koh Chang

Minivans are available. They run from Ao Supparot pier to Sai Kao beach, Ki Bae and Khlong Phrao. The fare is from 30 to 120 baht per person. You can hire a motorcycle from many local shops. There are many steep hills, narrow lanes and sharp bends, so you will have to ride carefully for your own safety. 

Beaches and Bays on Koh Chang

 Ao Supparod, Klong Son Bay, Hat Sai Khao

Ao Supparod

It is a bay with rocky beach which is unsuitable for swimming. There is a deep water port where many boats, ships and ferries stop. You can take a minicab from the port to any resorts or beaches. Many good restaurants are available on this bay.  

Klong Son Bay

A bay on the north of the island near a ferry pier. The beach with powder white sand is kept cool by lush pine trees. From the beach you can see Koh Mapring and Koh Chang Noi.  

Hat Sai Khao

Hat Sai Khao

‘Sai Kao’ means ‘white sand’. As its nomenclature suggests, it is a beautiful white sand beach which stretches over 6 km. It is perfect for swimming. This beach is lively with    many resorts, shops and entertainment establishments that are open all night long. 

Kai Mook Beach, Chai Chet, Klong Phrao Beach

Chai Chet Peninsular

Chai Chet Peninsular

This is the most perfect site for admiring the gorgeous sunset. There are high cliffs where you can go up to observe the panoramic views of the most romantic setting of the east coast of Koh Chang.  

Klong Phrao Beach 


Klong Phrao Beach

Khlong Phrao beach lies on the west coast and south of Chai Chet peninsular. It stretches to Kai Bae beach. Having a wide beachfront, a gradual slope and moderate-height waves, Khlong Phrao beach is ideal for swimming. Many tourists love to play watersports here.  The number of people is just about right. 

Kai Bae Beach, Tha Nam Beach, Bai Lan Bay

Kai Bae Beach 

Kai Bae Beach

This is another beach which is highly visited by tourists. It lies on the south near Khlong Phrao beach. The beach’s gradual slop  makes it easy for swimming. From the beachfront you can see Chorakhe island. In fact, Kai Bae beach is quite near to Mun island that you can get there by kayak.  

Tha Nam Beach

Tha Nam beach is also known as Lonely beach. As its nomenclature suggests, it is not highly visited by tourists. It is a large bay with a very long beach and clear emerald water which makes swimming quite pleasant.  

Bai Lan Bay

Bai Lan Bay

Lies next to Kai Bae beach, Bai Lan is an idyllic and tranquil bay with a beach that measures about 12 km. long. It is perfect for a private retreat, sunbathing and relaxation. 

Ao Bang Bao, Salak Khok Bay, Salak Phet Bay

Bang Bao Bay 

Bang Bao Bay 

A medium fishing community bay with villages made up of boathouses joined together by bridges. Visitors enjoy cheap seafood in idyllic and rustic surroundings. Fish source, dried shrimps and shrimp paste can be bought as gifts. 

Salak Phet Bay

Salak Phet Bay

Lies on the south of Koh Chang, Salak Phet is the largest bay with the oldest community and an ancient Salak Phet temple. Low-priced accommodations in the form of homestay are available. It is ideal for those who prefer a simple way of life free from all sorts of extravagances. 


Sightseeing and other activities 

Mu Koh Chang Observatory Site

On the hill just before the entrance of Bang Bao Village, lies an observatory site from which you can see the most beautiful west coast of Koh Chang in panorama. In the vicinity, there is a rocket-shaped postbox where you can drop postcards in. Many visitors have long lasting fond memories of this site. 

Klong Phlu Waterfall

Khlong Phlu Waterfall

A large waterfall with plenty of water all year round. Located on the west of the island where there are many resorts, only 500 m. from the main road, Khlong Phlu waterfall is highly visited by tourists. Its pleasantly cool and naturally peaceful surroundings are ideal for relaxation.       

Tharn Mayom Waterfall

Tharn Mayom Waterfall

In the National Park and about 500 m. from durian planation, lies a 4-tier vertical waterfall which is surrounded and kept cool by deep forests.  

Koh Chang also has many other attractive waterfalls such as Khiri Phet, Khlong Nueng and Khlong Nonsi. 

A cruise around Koh Chang

Koh Chang is surrounded by 52 small islands. A cruise around Koh Chang is certainly a wonderful experience. The most highly visited islands are Wai, Kradat, Mark, Kradan, Ngam and Laoya. 


Diving is one of the most popular activities on Koh Chang.  On Koh Chang and other nearby islands, such as Wai island and Rung islands, there are many attractive diving sites with crystal clear emerald water of around 25 m. deep which is suitable for scuba diving and snorkeling. During diving session, divers can admire the luxuriant underwater corals, whalesharks and schools of fish. Try to avoid the monsoon period, which is from the months of October to May. During this period, the water is not clear enough to see the underwater lives. 


Those who do not like diving or going to the forests or waterfalls can engage in watersports such as jet skiing, kayaking, waterskiing or sailing on most of the beaches. 

High season 

Those who want to visit Koh Chang need not worry about the seasons. You can visit Koh Chang all year round to admire the idyllic and natural beauty of the island which may slightly vary from one season to another.  

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