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Hua Hin is a beach resort town in Prachuap Khiri Khan province , Thailand  Thailand’s royal family and especially former kings were the first to make it their seashore destination. The 5 km long beach is pretty and the sea is quite clean.  There are plenty of bungalows, hotels and resorts.   Hua Hin is suitable for all seasons. Now many Thai and foreign tourists make Hua Hin the first choice for their vacation.

Cha-am is a famous Phetchaburi province, central Thailand.  It is 25 km north of Hua Hin.  You have to pass Cha-am before you can get to Hau Hin.  So it is ideal to visit both places.  Cha-am is derived from ‘Cha-an’, which means ‘saddle cleaning’ (King Naresuan’s troop stationed here and the elephants and horses had their saddles cleaned.)  Like Hua Hin, it used to be the retreat of the aristocrats.  Hua Hin and Cha-am beaches are quite similar.  The differences are in Hua Hin most hotels are on the seaside but in Cha-am the hotels and the seaside are separated by a road.  The main attractions of both places are old time classics such as Plernwan (museum of good old days), floating market and the palace.
We will show you every nook and cranny worth exploring in Hua Hin and Cha-am.  If you are driving, we will tell you the easiest way to get there.

How to get to Hua Hin-Cha am
The journey to Hua Hin is quite simple. Many of you should not have any difficulties.  For those who have not the faintest ideas, just follow our instructions.

  • Driving
    • Route 1: Take Highway 35 (Thonburi-Pakthor).  Drive past Samutsakorn.  When you come to Samutsongkram turn left at Wang Ma Nao Intersection into Highway 4 (Petchkasem Rd.) heading to Petchaburi.  Turn left at 201 – 202 km. mark for Cha-am. If you want to get to Hua Hin, just drive on to Prachubkhirikhan.  The journey normally takes about 2 ½ hr.-- during certain festival it can take 3 hr.
    • Route 2: Take Highway 4 (Petchkasem Rd.).  Drive past Buddamonthol, heading toward Ratchaburi and Petchaburi.  Turn left at 201 – 202 km. mark for Cha-am.  If you want to get to Hua Hin, just drive on to Prachubkhirikhan.  
  • Coach  You can get a coach at the New Southern Bus Terminal.  The first coach leaves at 0730 hr. and the last one leaves at 2230 hr.  The fare is 160 baht.  The journey takes 3 hours. 
  • Train  If you are not in a rush and you want to laze about during the journey, you can take a southbound train at Hualamphong Station. The first train leaves at 0800 hr. You can also take a train at Thonburi Station at 0730 hr. The journey takes 4 ½ hr. For further information, call 1690 or go to 
  • Minibus  You can take a minibus at the Victory Monument, near Century Department Store or near Ratchawithi Hospital.  It is easy to find these minibuses.  The operator is announcing the minibus service all the time.  The journey takes about 2 hr.  The fare is about 180 baht.

Beaches on Hua Hin-Cha am

Hua Hin

Hua Hin Beach




Hua Hin Beach

A pretty 5-km long beach.  The sand is white and gray and is soft enough for strolling.  The water is relatively clean, which is ideal for swimming.  Near the beach entrance there are horses and ponies, which can be hired for riding or photo taking. 

Khao Takiab beach (Chopstick Hill)


Khao Takiab Beach

It is a 1.5 km. long clean white sand beach just 7 km. south of Hua Hin beach.  The beach itself has gradual slope and the water is not too deep. It is ideal for swimming.  Starfish are seen from time to time. Phra Kiev Kaew Amulet is enshrined here. This beach is less crowded than Hua Hin beach. The best way to get to Khao Takiab beach is through Khrua Ban Khru.

Khao Tao beach (Turtle Hill)



Khao Tao Beach

It is 13 km. from Hua Hin city center. On the hill stands Chao Phor Khao Tao Shrine.  If you go up the stairs to a certain height, you can view the panoramic scenes of Hua Hin beach, Khao Takiab beach and Suan Son Pradipat beach and feel relaxed.

Sai Noi beach



Sai Noi Beach

Sai Noi beach is a small and secluded spot.  It is only about 200 m. long and is ideal for swimming.  You can get to Sai Noi from the monastery on Khao Tao (Turtle Hill).

Cha Am

Cha Am Beach



Cha am Beach

It is a long beach about 28 km. from Hua Hin beach.  The water is not crystal clear, but it is clean enough for swimming.  Like on Hua Hin beach, here you can enjoy many watersports such as banana boating, jet skiing and horse riding.  You can lazing about and eat meals on deckchairs.  Hotels are not right on the beach.  There is a road between hotels and the beach.  The beach itself is quite lively.  There are plenty of visitors during holidays and weekends.

Sightseeing and other activities

Cha Am

Santorini Park





Santorini Park

The park is the center for amusement, theme parks, game, entertainment and shopping.  It is located on Phetkasem Rd. on the same side as the Premium Outlet (same owner) on the way to Hua Hin Cha-am.  Large ferris wheel and white/blue buildings, which are quite noticeable, meant to be the theme of Santorini island in Greece. Here, you can find many beautifully decorated clothes shops, gift shops and restaurants--even toilets are so well adorned—that the place is ideal for photo taking.  Apart from the large ferris wheel, children can enjoy merry-go-round and slider as well as the breathtaking G-Max Giant Swing.  
Admission (exclusive of amusement): Free from Monday to Thursday.  Fifty baht per person on Saturday and Sunday. 

Swiss Sheep Farm




Swiss Sheep Farm

Sheep farms are quite popular now.  If you want to make sure that you are in trend, try Swiss Cheese Farm. It is located on Phetkasem Rd. opposite Santorini Park on the way to Hua Hin – Cha-am.  It is quite easy to get there.  Here, you can enjoy the scenic meadows where sheep are raised in a European countryside style valley.  The romantic atmosphere is ideal for photo taking.  Full of fun activities, love and romance are waiting for you.  Sweethearts come here to feed sheep, affix love padlocks  (to symbolize their everlasting love is taking place) and take their wedding photos.

Opening hours: 0830 hr. – 1800 hr.
Admission: 50 baht for an adult; 30 baht for a child 

Mrigadayavan Palace



A beautiful beachfront palace located on Bang Kra beach between Cha-am and Hua hin.  It was built for the purpose of King Rama VI summer gateway.  It consists of 16 golden teak buildings, in Thai-Victorian style, all connected by elevated airy walkways designed to catch the breezes from all directions from the coastal waters. The construction completed in 1924. The palace is divided into 3 usage areas: the audience hall for business and entertainment, the men's quarters, including the King's personal rooms, and finally the ladies quarters.  The palace is surrounded by many beautiful gardens.

Opening hours: 0800 hr. – 1600 hr.
Admission: 30 baht for an adult; 15 baht for a child; a large tour group requires prior entry permission.

Hua Hin

The Venezia Hua Hin








The Venezia

The newest resort of Hua Hin that many people really want to visit.  It is a perfect charming combination of Hua Hin and Venice.   This magnificent project is achieved through the inspirations from the world-renowned charming river city named 'Venice, Italy'.  Now, you can go on a gondola cruise along the 200-m. long canal in Hua Hin-- no need to go to the Grand Canal in Italy.  Here, the European architecture makes you feel like being overseas. There are all types of shops and restaurants.  The fun activities here include horse and sheep feeding and riding.  It is located 500 m. from and opposite to the Dusit Thani Hotel.  

facebook Venezia

Plearnwan Retro Open Air Life Museum





The museum is where you can get an insight in the everyday life in the 50s and 60s in Thailand.  There are ancient markets and business centers built from wood.  Here, you can find all types of shops, restaurants, coffee houses, toys, temple fares.  Piman Plearnwan Hotel is here too. To get to the museum, drive along Phetkasem Rd. toward Bangkok.   You will see the museum between Soi 38 and Soi 40 opposite Klai Kangwan Palace.

Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday 1000 hr. – 2200 hr.
Friday 1000 hr. – midnight
Saturday 0900 hr. – midnight
Sunday 0900 hr. – 1100 hr.

Baan Sillapin (Artist Village)


Artist Village

The village has the collections of artworks of Chumpol Donsakul and Tawee Kesa-ngam and another 19 artists.  Baan Sillapin includes exquisitely beautiful galleries of arts and antiques, artist studios, a coffee and gift shop, and classrooms for their very-popular classes in painting and sculpture. The facility frequently hosts special exhibitions and performance events. Held every Saturday is an Artist Market where you can buy T-shirts, scarfs, masks and other artworks, watch musical performance and magic show.

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 1000 hr. – 1800 hr.  It is closed on Monday

Elephant Village

Artist Village

Located approximately 4 km. west of Hua Hin city center, the elephant village offers families and friends a lot of fun other than seaside activities.  See an elephant show and you will be marveled by their loveliness and intelligence.  You can feed elephants with bananas and go on an elephant ride.

Opening hours: 0800 hr. – 1800 hr.
Price: 850 Baht per person for 1 hour ride (incl. transfer from/to Hotels)  

Night Market

Hua Hin Night Market

Located in Hua Hin city center (Soi 72), Hua Hin Night Market offers many souvenir stalls selling Thai handicrafts, Hua Hin souvenir, T-shirts and ornaments as well as a wide variety of food stalls and restaurants selling all types of food and snacks.   
Opening hours: 1700 hr. – 2300 hr. everyday, including holidays

Chatsila Market




Chatsila market

Located near Hua Hin Market with entry opposite Starbuck, Chatsila, a market of moderate size offers lots of stores selling souvenirs, handmade items, bags, shoes, etc.  On the two sides stand the 50-year-old wooden buildings (that used to be bungalows) with paintings of Hua Hin that are ideal for photo taking.  The atmosphere is quite similar to Plearnwan Retro Open Air Life Museum.  Local folk performance takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Opening hours: 1700 hr. – 2300 hr. everyday

Black mountian Water Park

Black mountian Water Park

Located on large land plots, Water Garden features luxury pool villas of western standard. The highlights are the 17-m. tower and twisted sliders.  Swimming lessons are offered to people of all ages.  It is ideal for children and family outing and retreat.  After swimming, you can even stay at one of the pool villas.  
Opening hours: 1000 hr. – 1700 hr.
Admission: 900 for an adult; 450 baht for a child (during promotion period: 600 for an adult; 300 for a child)

Hua Hin Train Station


Hua Hin Train Station

It is one of the most beautiful train stations in Thailand.  The highlight here is Hua Hin sign where visitors love to take photos. The red and white Victorian style buildings are well maintained.  This train station is regarded as the symbol of Hua Hin.

Train Library

Train Library

Located opposite Hua Hin Train Station, the Train Library houses more than 2000 books.  This library is made up of two train carriages.  It is the second public library in Hua Hin.  Hua Hin is already one of the most beautiful train stations in Thailand, and this innovative use of old train carriages is really a great idea.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 0900 hr. – 1700 hr.  Closed on Sunday.

Cicada Market






Located in Suan Sri, Cicada (Community of Identity Culture, Arts & Dynamic Activities) is the center for open communication between artists/designers and the community.  The activities include musical and stage performance in Art of Act zone and stalls in Art A La Mode (grass lawn and wooden houses) selling dolls, lamps postcards, hand-painted T-shirts, jewelry, hats and other artworks.  Food and beverages are also available.  It is quite easy to get to Cicada Market.  Go to Khao Takiab past Ibis Hotel.  You will see Cicada Market near Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Opening hours: 1600 hr. – 2200 hr. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Hua Hin Floating Market




Hua Hin Floating Market

It is one of the two floating markets in Hua Hin.   It is located in Soi 112 on a land plot measuring over 64,000 square meters. All of the shops are built in a retro style to remind you of the olden days in Hua Hin.  There are about 140 stalls selling Hua Hin products and many foodshops selling varieties of food.  You can also buy food, drinks and fruits from boat vendors.  You can go on a boat trip along the floating market. There are Thai art and culture shows.  It is quite easy to get there.  Go to Khao Takiab and enter Soi 112.  Keep going and you will see Hua Hin Market on the left.
Hua Hin Samphannam Floating Market




Hua Hin Samphannam Floating Market

This is another floating market that is worth visiting.  It is quite near Hua Hin Floating Market.  It is easy to find.  Just look for the large km. stone.  Just like Hua Hin Floating Market, you can buy Hua Hin products and other items as well as going on a boat trip.  The only difference is you can take a ride on a train.  The fare is 20 baht.  

Huay Mongkol Temple

Huay Mongkol Temple

Located some 15 kilometers west of Hua Hin, Huay Mongkol Temple enshrines the enormous statue of one of Thailand's most famous monks, named Luang Pu Thuat.  The statue is about 11.5 m. tall and its lap span is 9.9 m.  On the lower level stands a 3-headed Airavata Elephant.  Local people believe that going under the 3-headed Airavata Elephant and paying respect to Luang Pu Thuat will bring great fortune and prosperity.  Free meals are offered in the temple.

Black Sheep Farm

Black Sheep Farm

We showed you Swiss Sheep Farm and white sheep.  Now, we will show you black sheep farm for a change.  It is quite easy to get there.  After visiting Huay Mongkol Temple Black Sheep Farm should be your nest destination.  You just come out from Huay Mongkol Temple and turn right into a small street.  Just follow the sign and you can get to the Black Sheep Farm.  It is opposite the pineapple orchard.  The farm is kept nice and cool by a lot of mango trees as its slogan “A well shaded farm that keeps human and sheep nice and cool”  It is only a small farm, so there may not be many spots that you can take photos.

Opening hours: 0900 hr. – 1730 hr. everyday
Admission: 40 baht for an adult; 20 baht for a child

Hua Hin Hills Vineyard




Hua Hin Hills Vineyard

To get there, you take the same route to get to Huay Mongkol Temple again.  Go past Huay Mongkol Temple and take Highway 3219.  Keep going until you come to an intersection and turn left into Highway 3301.  Drive further for another 8.5 km. and you will see a 1.5 km. long street leading to Hua Hin Hills Vineyard that is owned by Siam Winery. The climate here is suitable for raising Shiraz and Colombard grapes for producing the aromatic and award-winning Monsoon Valley Wine.  One of the fun activities is a 15-minute elephant ride around the vineyard for the price of about 200 baht. Bicycles are also available.  The Sala Wine Bar and Bistro is on the hill where you can wine and dine in natural surroundings.

Opening hours: 1100 hr. – 1800 hr. Tuesday – Sunday (Closed on Monday)

Recommended restaurants
Being resort towns, Hua Hin and Cha-am are sure to have great varieties of food, especially seafood, papaya salads and all types of snacks.  They are so tasty that visitors buy them for their friends and families.  This is a list of good restaurants:

  • Ban Pa Jue
  • Chao Lay Seafood
  • Sung Wean Seafood
  • Madam Green Seafood
  • Chomtalay
  • Baan Itsara  
  • Nong May
  • Mae Kep Khanom Thai
  • Ple Seafood
  • Baan Poo Phen
  • Jekpea
  • Somtum Tanon Tok
  • Baan Klai Wang

Seasons for Hua Hin & Cha-am Tour
Located on the upper part of the Gulf of Thailand, Hua Hin and Cha-am are shielded from the wind by Tenasserim Hills that they do not have much rainfall during rainy season. More rainfall is seen during winter time, from October to November.  You can visit Hua Hin and Cha-am all year round.  However, you should check the weather forecast before making a trip.  Doing so you can avoid unexpected weather conditions.


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