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What are Verified By Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and JCB J/Secure?

Visa MasterCard and JCB have developed authenticated payment capabilities to improve online transaction security. By creating a virtual signature in the form of a password chosen by you when you sign up, hopes to provide a safer online commerce experience for Cardholders.

These technologies enable two parties (card holder and card issuer) to authenticate each other by exchanging digital certificates (electronic identifications) before proceeding with an online transaction, assuring the Cardholder that he is dealing with a legitimate merchant and providing the merchant with proof of participation of the real Cardholder. This gives both parties the confidence to proceed and creates a digitally signed record of the transaction that can be verified afterwards.

Get more detailed information about the Verified by Visa program. You can also directly activate your credit card for Verified by Visa online if you go here.

For MasterCard SecureCode, find out more about this verification process on the MasterCard SecureCode page. Or sign up for the program right away at the provided online form

For JCB J/Secure, find out more at  here.

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