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  • From 31 May 2016 onward, AtSiam is no longer accept direct booking on any hotel. However, we still provide the information which might be useful for travellers such as hotel details, photos, map and reviews as well as a direct link to our premium partners.
    The information on this page might not be valid for the current state of AtSiam.

Why shopping with us is safe?

We want you to enjoy your shopping experience at without having to worry about anything. So we have taken four very important steps to ensure that you are fully protected while shopping here.

The Technology

We use SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption for the transmission of all transaction information. This means that your credit card information is encrypted with 128 bit data encryption before it is sent across the Internet. Simply speaking, the information can only be read by us. When we receive your information it is immediately secured from access by others.

Loss Protection Guarantee

We guarantee that you will not suffer any loss as a result of shopping at In the unlikely event that your credit card is used fraudulently as a result of shopping at Your bank can hold you liable to the amount of $50 as long as you inform them immediately and comply with their own terms and conditions. will cover your loss of $50 that you may have to pay to your bank. Therefore, there is absolutely no risk of loss. By the way, no-one has ever suffered loss in this way as a result of shopping with us.

Alternative Payment Methods

If you still don't want to use your credit card on the Internet, we provide the option to place an order over the phone. When using this method, you may process bookings on the site as normal. Once the reservation is completed you will need to transfer the payment to our bank account.

Instructions about paying by this method will be given to you as you complete the booking process.
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