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  • From 31 May 2016 onward, AtSiam is no longer accept direct booking on any hotel. However, we still provide the information which might be useful for travellers such as hotel details, photos, map and reviews as well as a direct link to our premium partners.
    The information on this page might not be valid for the current state of AtSiam.

How long does it take to get confirmation?

After you have submitted your booking request, we will immediately process your booking with the hotel. If your payment has been successfully processed and your reservation is confirmed, you will receive your Hotel Voucher by email usually within 24 hours (business days). We will do the utmost to meet your booking request as fast as possible.

For many of the hotels, we have been allotted rooms enabling instant confirmation. This list of hotels is growing. For hotels we do not yet have allotments for and cannot instantly confirm your booking, we will contact our hotel and normally confirm your booking within 24 hours (business days).
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