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Why don't I receive AtSiam email?

This is because of spam filters in most cases.

If you are using a third party spam filtering application like SpamGuard you will not be able to receive the emails until you manually add the sender's email address and/or the domain name to your list of accepted email addresses.

If you are NOT using a SpamGuard program and do not receive the emails it is because spam filters are enabled on your email account internally. Many companies do this "behind the scenes" so you may not even be aware of the fact that some of your emails are being filtered or even deleted! Internet Service Providers (ISPs) boast that they can eliminate unwanted mail from your inbox. Unfortunately they also eliminate much *wanted* messages as well.

You will need to adjust your spam filters so that you can receive the emails. Following are instructions for a few of the different mail service providers out there. If your company is not listed below, please contact your ISP directly or consult their help files for instructions on how to adjust the mail filters on your account.

We're sorry for the inconvenience. We do not know why companies filter out legitimate email, and are trying very hard to help you.

I am an AOL USER and I can't receive emails

If the email messages are being mistaken by AOL as unsolicited commercial email, and are therefore being blocked, you will need to edit your personal spam settings.

Edit Your Spam Settings

You can edit your spam settings a number of ways. You can allow email from all senders, restrict senders to a list that you design, block certain domains... even turn AOL's mail filtering off altogether! We suggest familiarizing yourself with AOL's mail filtering system and make the best choices for you.

If your mail controls are set to use a custom filter list, you will need to add the sender's domain (for example, to your list of accepted domains.

If your mail controls are set to only accept from "people you know", you will need to add the sender's email address (for example, to your address book.

Ensure AOL Doesn't Delete Your Mail

AOL is now either filtering email they consider to be spam into a "Spam Folder" or deleting it completely. Ensure that AOL doesn't delete your mail by following these instructions:

  • Open your AOL Mail and Spam Controls (keyword SPAM)
  • Under the heading "Blocked mail should be:" (lower left corner) select Delivered to Spam Folder
  • Click Save
Check Your Filtered Email

After you edit your settings you should check your spam folder to see if any *wanted* email is there.

To check your filtered mail:

  • Open AOL
  • Click Mail (upper-left)
  • Click Spam Folder (third section down)

If any *wanted* email is in your Spam Folder, be sure let AOL know that it isn't spam! To do this:
  • Select the email you want
  • Click the button that says "This is not spam"

The email will be moved to your Inbox and AOL shouldn't filter future correspondences from that sender. If you do not do this, all future emails from that sender will be filtered to Spam Folder.
Still Don't Receive Mail?

If the email is not in your spam box, try adding the sender's email address to your address book.

If after following the instructions above you still do not receive emails, you will need to contact AOL and ask them for assistance. Tell them that you want to receive all emails sent from, for instance, specifically

I am a HOTMAIL USER and I can't receive emails

You can try the following instructions, but really your best bet is to re-register with a non-Hotmail email address. Hotmail won't allow companies to email you unless they pay for the privilege (yes, they want people to pay money to send Hotmail members email).

But if you really want to try to receive the emails at your Hotmail email account, these instructions are supposed to work:

  1. Log into your Hotmail Account
  2. Add the sender's email address to your Contacts list
  3. Click Options
  4. On the left side of the page, click Mail
  5. Click Junk E-Mail Protection
  6. Click Safe List
  7. Type the sender's domain, for example
  8. Click Add.

Once you add the sender to your Safe List, you should be able to receive all email that he sends you.

Please note that it can sometimes take a while to receive mail from Hotmail. If after doing the above you still aren't receiving the email, you should check your basic preferences to make sure you aren't filtering too much mail. To do this:
  1. Log into your Hotmail Account
  2. Click the Options link
  3. Click Junk E-Mail Protection
  4. Click Junk E-Mail Filter
  5. Make sure your filter is set to low.

This should be enough to stop Hotmail from deleting your wanted emails. If not, you should contact Hotmail and ask them to stop deleting the email from this or that sender.

If Hotmail won't allow you receive your email, you'll need to register with a different email address. None of the other email providers take over their members inboxes like Hotmail does.

I am a YAHOO USER and I can't receive emails

Yahoo seems to filter email they consider junk mail into a folder titled Bulk.

To ensure that you are able to receive email from the specific sender, you must do the following:

  1. Log into your Yahoo Account
  2. Click Options
  3. Click Filters
  4. Click Add
  5. Type: "Safe List" into the Filter Name Field
  6. Type the sender's domain, for example into the field where it says "From header: contains"
  7. Select "Inbox" where it says "Then ... Move the message to:"
  8. Click "Add Filter"

Once you add the sender to your Safe filter, you should be able to receive all email he sends you. If you are still unable to receive email, please check your Bulk Mail folder to see if the email was filtered there. If it was, you need to open the email in your browser and click the Not Spam button at the bottom of your window. The email will be moved to your Inbox and Yahoo shouldn't filter future correspondences from that sender.

If you do not click the "Not Spam" button, all future emails from that sender may continue to be filtered to your Bulk Email. You should continue to check this "Bulk" folder from time to time to make sure that no other important emails have been filtered there as well.

Yahoo! (and other ISP's) give people the ability to click a button that labels the message as SPAM. Some people "forget" that they opted-in, but others simply don't realize that by flagging a message as SPAM, they are causing problems for the owner of the list they are on.

If Yahoo! gets the wrong impression about the sender's domain, and that domain name just appearing in the message BODY, it causes Yahoo! to flag the message as SPAM.

The solution is to simply use a new domain to redirect people to necessary pages.

So if you find yourself caught in the SPAM filters, it is perhaps a domain name you're putting in the BODY that has been misflagged as a source of SPAM. If so, use a redirect work-around.
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