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1. Kosit Hill Hotel  

From 880 Baht
Location: Phetchabun City
| Map
In the heart of Phetchabun City, well-known for sweet tamarind fruit, 15 minutes from Phetchabun Airport on the Super Highway No.21 (Saraburi-Lomsak)and 346 kilometers away from Bangkok.

2. Khaokho Talaypu Resort  

From 1,240 Baht
Location: Khao Kho
| Map
From Travelers: The only thing is good is breakfast and coffee. Recommended for budget travellers.
  • | Avg Rating: Not yet rated
Location: Khao Kho
| Map
“Mountain Park Switzerland Resort” – natural styled hotel and resort located on the land that is commonly known as Switzerland lies in Thailand-Kao Kor, Petchabul Province. Here in Petchabul is known ...

4. Imperial Phukaew Hill Resort  

From 1,900 Baht
  • | Avg Rating: Not yet rated
Location: Khao Kho
| Map
Set against a backdrop of pristine mountain scenery in Phetchabun, the luxurious Imperial Phukaew Hill Resort hotel is a Swiss-style retreat offering endless opportunities for exploring one of the mos ...
  • | Avg Rating: Not yet rated
Location: Khao Kho
| Map
The Natural Yurt Resort Khao Kho located amidst nature surrounded by mountains, cold and fog. The Natural Yurt Resort design of a luxury resort style chinese applied, Beijing, Yurt and Hangzhou.

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