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1. Hi Mansion  

From 980 Baht
  • | Avg Rating: Not yet rated
Location: Saraburi City
Atmosphere naturally tropical weather service with a friendly staff.

2. Saraburi Inn Hotel  

From 1,130 Baht
Location: Saraburi City
Fully-equipped is a spaciousness, tranquility of any room type that suit to your taste. Residential elegance, peace and privacy Touch the sense of resort which allow you to hold any kind of activities ...
  • Best Seller # 1

3. Muaklek Health Spa & Resort  

From 1,230 Baht
Location: Muak Lek
Our mission is to provide a relaxing and tranquil environment, while at the same time providing a wide range of activities and services that cater to the enjoyment and lifestyle of our discerning clie ...

4. Muaklek Paradise Resort  

From 1,130 Baht
  • | Avg Rating: Not yet rated
Location: Muak Lek
Muaklek Paradise Hotel & resort, a perfect place for pure relaxation and pleasure in style of country resort, is situated on 225 rai of land with lush natural surroundings and gorgeous views in Amph ...

5. Supalai Pasak Resort Hotel & Spa  

From 1,180 Baht
Location: Kaeng Khoi
Supalai Pasak Resort Hotel & Spa located on 183 rais of the resort's territory, a resort hotel of more than a hundred modern Thai style bungalows with 200 rooms which can accommodate more than 600 gue ...

6. The Buda Muaklek Resort  

Rate: N/A
  • | Avg Rating: Not yet rated
Location: Muak Lek
Welcome to The Buda Muaklek Resort that meets your creative style and every house are imagination. To create innovative and unique that you never seen... completely natural and the stunning views. ...

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