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  • Charoen HotelCharoen HotelLoc: Udon Thani City
     From 1,030 Baht
    • OFFER Stay 6 Pay 5
  • Ban Chiang HotelBan Chiang HotelLoc: Udon Thani City
     From 980 Baht
    • OFFER Special Promotion

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1. Charoen Hotel  

From 1,030 Baht
Location: Udon Thani City
From Travelers: Excellent value and the staff so helpful Excellent position and really comfortable especially the beds. Location is good - near bus station & a short walk to Central Plaza ...
  • Best Seller # 1
  • OFFER Stay 6 Pay 5

2. N.B Hotel Udon Thani  

From 780 Baht
  • | Avg Rating: Not yet rated
Location: Udon Thani City
The NB hotel Udon Thani is a modern hotel situated in the ancient 19th century building. The hotel is known for the combination of traditional high standard of services and modern equipment. The hotel ...

3. Ban Chiang Hotel  

From 980 Baht
  • | Avg Rating: Not yet rated
Location: Udon Thani City
Experience a new level of luxury in the midst of this city of warmth and friendly hospitality. Situated in the fertile northeastern province of Udom thani, the Ban Chiang Hotel offers a traditional Th ...
  • OFFER Special Promotion

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