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Areca Lodge Pattaya Review

Travel date:February 2015
Posted:21 Feb 15
Edited:21 Feb 15
Value for money:


Good central location, convienient for all of Pattaya


Insufficient umbrellas by pools. Old and broken ones removed but not replaced. Major shortage

 Recommend for:


As usual I stayed in the Evergreen wing. Convenient for all parts of Pattaya with Bhat buses nearby on 2nd Road and Soi Buckau. Very dissappopinted in that the old dilapidated Sun umbrellas are quite rightly being removed, but not replaced leading to a major shortage and little shelter being available from the hot sun. Girlfriend not impressed by it. Also there now seems to be a trend, especially by Yanks and Japs of 'reserving with towels' sun loungers, and not removing them when they leave the pool area, thereby excasperating the problems. Typical of them.
Overall its till suits me

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