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Hinsuay Namsai Resort Review

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Posted:17 Mar 06
Edited:4 Nov 10
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Just came back from a vacation in Thailand. I stayed for 3 nights at this hotel with my wife. This is the BEST hotel at this price I have EVER stayed in!

The hotel has 2 wings. Mountain view and Sea view. We booked for mountain view and when we entered the room was pleasently surprised how awesome the room was. The mountain view wing has a LARGE pool. All rooms have balconies, have a sitting area, really good beds and a large bathroom with a tub. We had our lunch in the room and they offered a free upgrade to the sea view wing.

I really don't know what to say. I can't really tell which room was better! Because both were very different and totally awesome! A big big balcony window opened right in the face of the sea!! Both rooms were very different but I would certainly pay around $100 for any of these 2 rooms anywhere else in the world! Spotless clean rooms and washrooms. Good accessories. Hot and cold water 24/7.

This is just the start. The pool in the sea view wing is beautiful and faces the sea!!! The snooker area, sauna, fitness area is big and by the pool. GREAT!

There is only one restaurant open as I think the hotel has passed its hey days but the staff was so eager to understand what we wanted to say, I just can't forget their effort and hospitality.

The whole hotel is a big resort. A mountain track that leads to a peaceful Budha Shrine. A beautiful stair case that leads to the beach. You can stay within the resort for a week and keep on exploring! Its really that big! Its a whole mountain of fun by the beach!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! BEST HOTEL EVER! I can go on and write whole 2 pager but i will wrap it here and say, look no more..... This is the place to stay!
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