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Ruean Thai Hotel Sukhothai Review

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Posted:29 Oct 08
Edited:4 Nov 10
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This place is down a back alley into a residential area that makes you want to run home as evening approaches.The staff were willing to drive us around- but for us walking is the way. It's in town - and close enough to walk to markets or to the motorbike hire for a daytrip into the old capital ruins. (Don't get suckered into the pushbike alternative - WAY too big an area!)

The pool area and restaurant (which hosted a local band rehearsal while we were there -very nice!) are lovely, but the room we stayed in was tiny, a thrown-together mix of furniture with blankets pegged up at the windows. Seemed odd until the glaring fluro pool lights outside kept us up all night!

On the good side - the band of ladies who washed our clothes managed to get out every tiny bit of travel grime (and a few stains that had been there for years!)
Food was nice too, but get in early for breakfast - cos it's served once then exposed to industrial airconditioning until closing.
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