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Ruean Thai Hotel Sukhothai Review

Travel date:August 2009
Posted:20 Sep 09
Edited:4 Nov 10
Value for money:


Owner operated, very stilish ancient Thai setup


Breakfast room is a bit out of the overall style

 Recommend for:

Ancient city visitors

almost everything is said in the previous reviews. We stayed 2 nights in standard rooms.

As said, the hotel is operated by the owner, who is really always present, always wanting to make everything as nice and comfortable as possible for his guests.

In principle you don't need more space as a standard room provides. Not everybody comes with full baggage for 4 weeks. We did and missed some space to place 2 big travel bags.

Bathroom is nice, with a lot of marble. Shower supplies the water pressure you need for comfortable showering.

The ancient thai style goes as far as having no glass window. It's just a wooden blade. I didn't miss it because there is not much to see outside.

The garden restaurant is nice and provides really good food for a fair price.

The pool area is a real eyecatcher, but: the floor is made of polished granite. Looks very nice but is extremely slippery when wet. Watch your step!

What, to my taste, didn't fit so good to the rest is the air conditionned breakfast room. I understand the hygenic problems of open air buffets, but I would wish me an opportunity to sit outside for breakfast. And the instant coffee gives room for improvement, in particular as the diner restaurant does have a coffee shop providing "real" coffee.

Over all: nice, lovely, a definite "come back"

Editted on 4 Nov 10 12:13

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