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Nangyuan Island Dive Resort Review

Travel date:July 2010
Posted:17 Jul 10
Edited:4 Nov 10
Value for money:


Good location, reasonably comfortable and quiet after day trippers left


Noisy in the day time (around 11am-2:30pm) with the day trippers crowded around the beach bar, which was only about 25m from our room.

 Recommend for:

For families, especially travelling with kids (I mean for superior room)

I was kind of worried after reading some of the comments about this resort on the internet.  So, before my vacation, I'd prepared for the worst.  I even brought along my own kettle as I need to boil water for making milk for my girl.  I had sent them e-mail asking for whether kettle was available in the superior room but no reply!  To my surprise, the 'superior room' provided most of the facilities that we needed, like kettle, air conditioner, LCD TV, DVD and a flush toilet.  I found it totally enjoyable even taking a kid with us.  This is really a unforgettable island.  We enjoyed snorkelling in the Japanese Garden, walking under the starry night and hiking up to the viewpoint and around the island.

Editted on 4 Nov 10 12:13

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