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Pailyn Sukhothai Hotel Review

Travel date:April 2011
Posted:8 May 11
Edited:8 May 11
Value for money:


location, helpful staff


noisy mainroad in front

 Recommend for:

visitors of the historical park



main road


The hotel is located directly at the main road near the historical park of Sukhothai. This is the main advantage and disadvantage too: Close to the historical park, but noisy: The windows of the building are typical for a hotel in Thailand: Single glazing and wide gaps between Window and frame. This design is unable to stop the noise of Thai trucks without muffler, bypassing the hotel at night. So a few trucks have been noisy enough to wake me up.

The staff is very watchful: We stopped our work truck direct in front of the main entrance and immediately a foot-boy helped us to unload the luggage. Arrived at the reception we have been welcomed with a soft-drink free of charge.

In the yard of the building there is a clean pool, my daughter liked more than the historical park...

Night-live: Opposite of the Hotel there are 2 further restaurants, in the hotel there is a restaurant too. The hotel restaurant amuses the guests with very noisy live music, so we decided to have diner at one of the restaurants outside. Not a good idea: There you will be amused by some playback music more noisy than the trucks on the road. So we changed for a long drink to the pool: The hotel staff prepared willingly a table there and served very good long drinks. The air-conditioner in the restaurant was in my opinion adjusted to could and the live music we have been able to listen well outside too.

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