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Nangyuan Island Dive Resort Review

Travel date:August 2011
Posted:30 Aug 11
Edited:30 Aug 11
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On Nangyuan Island, this resort is the only choice, so we can't expect too much of it. Unfortunately, when I went snorkeling there, I was drowning and almost dead.  Everybody came to help and comfort me EXCEPT the hotel staff. What's worse, when I returned the mask, the hotel staff just coldly asked me to pay 1500b for the lost one. I explained this was totally an accident and asked if we could pay less. They discussed for a while, laughing and said: "1200b, 1200b, if you don't pay, we have to pay."  They even didn't bother taking a look at me. I can't believe how come people can be so apathetic. They care a mask more than a person. With such terrible hotel staff, it's really a waste of money to spend a night there.  

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22 May 12 23:24

Thank you for your information. This case was a good lesson of the hotel that they have to think about  how to improve their services and mention to the safety of their customers. 

I thinks, mostly those people are not Thais actually, i was there last 3 years ago at Koh Tao, the worker are Mianmars or Philipins . 

anyway we will remark on this case and becarful to our trip there on coming August .. 

Hope this website will bring this message to the hotel as well. 



Editted on 22 May 12 23:25
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