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Nangyuan Island Dive Resort Review

Travel date:August 2011
Posted:30 Aug 11
Edited:30 Aug 11
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On Nangyuan Island, this resort is the only choice, so we can't expect too much of it. Unfortunately, when I went snorkeling there, I was drowning and almost dead.  Everybody came to help and comfort me EXCEPT the hotel staff. What's worse, when I returned the mask, the hotel staff just coldly asked me to pay 1500b for the lost one. I explained this was totally an accident and asked if we could pay less. They discussed for a while, laughing and said: "1200b, 1200b, if you don't pay, we have to pay."  They even didn't bother taking a look at me. I can't believe how come people can be so apathetic. They care a mask more than a person. With such terrible hotel staff, it's really a waste of money to spend a night there.  

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