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Thanicha Healthy Resort Amphawa Review

Travel date:July 2012
Posted:29 Jul 12
Edited:29 Jul 12
Value for money:


excellent location. easy to find. Internet speed is good. Hotel help to prepare offering for monk in the morning & wake up call.


no water / beverage serve at night, you have to buy yourself at shop next to hotel.

 Recommend for:


This is my 1st time stay over night @ amphawa, I found a lot of childhood toy / candy here. It bring me so much joy & sweet memory.

Hotel is clean & located just beside river, it's so easy for shopper to drop their stuff & shop again. if you are not keen on shopping. lazying at the lobby also a nice.  Hotel don't serve any beverage at night. not even water. you gotta buy it next door. Breakfast is nothing to shout about. recommend eat out.  there are few noodle shop near main bridge.

Hotel help to prepared offering for monk. TB 35/set, and the offering start from 6.30am. they will wake you up for this. :)



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