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Baan Krating Pai Resort Review

Travel date:September 2012
Posted:7 Oct 12
Edited:7 Oct 12
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staff has a basic knowledge of English language

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The hotel is located approximately 2 km away from pai centre, very close to the Pai "airport". Imho airfield describes this small runway better. Don't worry, to be disturbed by this airport, there are 6 scheduled aircraft movements each week. (Sept. 2012) One landing and take off of a Cessna 208 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Hotel consists of several bungalows allocated in a large tropical garden.

In other regions, e.g. the Turkish Rivera, on the same areal would be built a hotel wit a capacity for 1500 tourists. (By the way: I prefer the Thai solution.)




A large parking site is located in front of the reception.

The restaurant nearby is specialised in Thai and Isaanfood. It's my impression that many herbs required are cultivated on the farmland between hotel an restaurant. However: The food was excellent and fair priced.

view out of the restaurant

The hotel is equipped with a pool too, its located near the river. 


What's to improve:

  • most staff has a very basic knowledge of the English language
  • nearly all deck-chairs around the pool are damaged



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