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Tango Beach Resort Review

Travel date:October 2012
Posted:28 Oct 12
Edited:28 Oct 12
Value for money:


Large room. TV with DVD player. Pool with slide. Feels secluded amidst wall-to-wall resorts. On the beach. Restaurant with some tasty dishes.


Service less friendly than expected for Thailand. Smokers frequent the area around the pool.

 Recommend for:

Most everyone looking in this price range.

We returned after a few years of absence. The hotel is undergoing renovation - the decking is rotten but being replaced. 

The rooms were large and spacious (we booked the larger room) with three floors - bedroom at the top with a large bed, TV area with couch in the middle and the bathroom at the bottom. We have 2 boys in mid-elementary and the room was perfect (we did ask for an additional "bed" which amounts to a mattress for the floor).

The beach was limited to a narrow strip - this was unexpected for the last time we visited the beach went nearly all the way out to the reef. The water is very shallow and calm - excellent for small children. Good waves are found well down the beach.

The pool is refreshing and pleasant with a slide. 

The reception opens up to the main road. The rooms are along a wood-decked walking strip that ends at the restaurant and opens up on the beach. The pools is in the middle of the walkway near the reception. Trees overhang all along the walkway.


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